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My condemnation of the mainstream, corporate media and how they have completely failed at their most important job-to uncover and report the truth OBJECTIVELY!


How do I know you're lyin' 'cause your lips are movin'
you sell another war with your PRESStitution
how do you sleep at night knowing what you're doin'
the media in this country needs a revolution

how do I know you're lyin' 'cause it's what you do
you're a corporate puppet for the traitors who own you
you sell your lies and your half truth
but even you don't believe anybody believes you
fake news you push your propaganda
fake news you've been sellin' it for the man
fake news truth not on the agenda
just keep us in the dark that was the plan
yeah but that's over man sing it

down with the mainstream media
don't buy the lies they're feedin' ya
down with the mainstream media
rise up reclaim your mind I said
down with the mainstream media
far from the truth they're leadin' ya
down with the mainstream media
rise up get up reclaim your mind

how do I know you're lyin' 'cause you never stop
you've got a narrative to sell us if it's true if it's true or not
just read your script obey your god
and put that money in your pocket you're a sell out you're a total fraud
(pre-chorus to chorus)
you call yourself a journalist all you do is lie to us
and push your thought control
you're a talking head bobble head preaching to the walking dead
a puppet without a soul
you always cover for your cronies at every turn you phonies
that's exactly what you do
we never wanted your opinions you half-wit little minions
shut up and report the news