From the recording Random Old Songs

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such a perfect night this moment is yours and mine
to hold in our hearts til the end of the line
we've come so far we've laughed and we've cried now just look where we are
that glow on your face makes it worth every scar
pull me in I don't want this moment to end
pull me in 'cause we both know we let go we may never be here again
so take these words and know that they're only a piece of the picture
save those hurts for some lonely night when you can't fight the distance between us
such a wonderous life all the mountains that we must climb
but the view from the summit is worth it if we survive
so we search our souls for the strength to believe we have any control
the red lights are there we don't care we still go
it's one night it's all I
need to remember the best of us
it's what we we should be
instead of these things that are killing us