1. Solitude

From the recording Edge of Oblivion

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Story behind the song:
I honestly have no idea where the inspiration for this song came from.  It's a fictional story of a fallen celebrity who was once an A-list star who suffered a tragic event that sent him into a downward spiral.  A low-life paparazzi journalist tracks him down to do a humiliating "where are they now" story and the song is him talking to the journalist.  No matter how much money A-list celebrities earn, it would still suck to have a camera in your face and a microphone at your mouth when you're in a really bad place in your life.  No, this isn't about Charlie Sheen!  I think he's well-earned the publicity he's gotten.  :)  It's one of my more hard-rocking tunes so feel free to bang your head if you have good health insurance.  :)


I did not want to
be found like this I
cannot explain
why I am this way I
am what I am
what would you do
if the world you knew
broke in pieces
would you have the strength I
could not find
just leave me be
just let me live
without the world
without the hurt
without the truth
without you
just leave me be
in my solitude
now that you have
what you came for you
can show the world
what they’re dying to see
let the parasites feed
what I am now
is at peace with
what I’ve become
can you leave it alone
I am fine on my own