1. Scream

From the recording Scream

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I wrote this song for Michael Stevens' movie  "The Haunted Caves".  The song is written from the killer's perspective.  I don't generally write songs about killing people, but reading the script really helped to get the lyrics "into character".  Will the movie actually get made?   ...stay tuned.  :)


you wanted it real so how does it feel you're mine now
you gave me control you're down in a hole to die now
when I get my hooks in you all the pretty things I'll do
I'll take you places never seen I'll take you way beyond your pain
scream when I break you
scream gonna watch you
scream if it helps you ease into your dying dream
you're searching for light in permenant night you're mine now
you cannot believe the things that you see in my house
is this what you wanted
is this what you need
is your life so empty you're only happy when you bleed