1. Painting Shari

From the recording Painting Shari

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she's got a butterfly view fromt he 20th floor
she's so many things I never thought I would adore
an honest smile but her eyes they will reveal
her mysteries when the canvas starts to peel
with beautiful lines she starts her best work yet
she's got the wind in her face and every color in her head
the city sleeps as her stars begin to shine
I wonder if she knows she's painting herself this time
you don't need anything but an open heart and honesty
I can't take what you can't give you have the heart you're born with baby let it live
sing your songs paint your dreams I will play along and be there if it's meant to be
kiss your soul let it breath I will be the one only if it was meant to be
the darkness fades into an amber rise
the wind never slept it stayed right by her side
her masterpiece is just moments away
I wonder if she knows she's painting a brand new day
the silhouette of grace slips back to her skin
how very precious these moments of zen
to understand her is to open the sky
such beautiful things were alwasy meant to fly