From the recording Edge of Oblivion

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Story behind the song:
As you might have guessed from the intro bit, this song is about some fleas who are about to challenge and defy the belief system of the masses and attempt to jump out of the false ceiling that's contained them their entire lives.  It's a blatant metaphor on the human race and a social commentary on how the majority of people in this country just live in their little bubble worlds and rarely take the time to question what we're being told by our politicians and the corporate controlled propaganda machine commonly known as the mainstream media. The earth is flat.  The sun revolves around the earth. The US government is a beacon of peace, freedom and democracy.  How many of these myths do you believe and what will it take for you to jump beyond the glass and start seeking the truth?  Are we fleas or are we men?


So glad you made it are you hungry
grab a beer some chips and join the party
don’t you ever feel your life is hollow
well come and jump through the sky with me tomorrow
‘cause it’s all I can do to just get by
it’s just too easy to stay high
we sit and watch the world just spin
what are we fleas or are we men
don’t you ever wonder what is out there
aren’t you sick and tired of wearing your fear
we could spend our lives in this illusion
I’ve got a better plan it’s called revolution