1. My place

From the recording Edge of Oblivion

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Story behind the song:                                                                           
About 10 years ago, my heart stopped for an unknown amount of time at home and then for over a minute in ER room at a local hospital.  I saw no tunnels with white lights, no deceased relatives or any other signs of afterlife like many of the stories I've read about.  This song is about my experience that day,the questioning of god's existence and introspection about my own mortality. 


how are you today
are you really all smiles like you say
heard you’ve been around
seen the world from every cloud
is it nice to see
an old familiar face like me
did you hope to find
all the pieces left behind
what if I never wake again
what if time only brings the end
can I stay long enough to find
my place in line
how do I confuse
signs from the alien with truth
do you understand
think you know who I am
anger I don’t want
but some days it’s all that I’ve got
was it worth the trip
do you even give a shit
your words
mean nothing to me
I found the edge and there was
nothing to see
they’re all just riddles and lies
to tell me how to live my life
how are you today
are you really as real as they say
what’s it like up there
it looks pretty big from here