1. Believe me

From the recording Believe me

This song is the story of an old man who gave up on his dreams years ago trying to offer some advice to an angry and frustrated young man on a NYC subway.  Not sure what inspired it, but I just pictured a tired old man looking at a perfect stranger who reminds him of himself at a young age and trying to give him some advice he wished someone had given him back then. 


pardon me would you mind if I just thought out loud a spell
ya see I've been around a while I've seen heaven and hell
I noticed that you brought your frown but you know what they say
it's just upside down so forgive me if I offer you this song
you're much too young to wear that jaded crown upon your head
so don't you point those eyes below the sky again
please believe me
tomorrow never came to anyone who held a dream and let it fly away
believe me
everything you need was born in you the day you knew what you were meant to be
please believe me
I still remember sittin' here about a hundred years ago
I was sure I knew everything you think you know
then I left my only friend behind that old guitar didn't even mind
'cause she probably found a better set of hands
you're much too young to wear that jaded crown upon your head
so don't you tell me that you're givin' up yet
I'm sure by now you're thinkin' this old man has lost his mind
but priceless are the lessons learned in time
so save yourself the misery unless your plan's to end up like me
'cause you're headed for the same old bitter end
you won't even see it fade you'll just wake up turning grey
wonderin' where he went the man you meant to be
please believe me